Bringing frictionless value transfer for everyone

Value should flow freely between brands and users, democratizing opportunity for everyone. This is the driving mantra of our 20-people team at Zippie.

This will be Economy 3.0, the true sharing economy, and blockchain-powered mobile devices will take us there.

Dr. Antti SaarnioCEO & Co-founder

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Dr. Antti Saarnio

CEO & Co-founder

Co-founder and former Chairman of Jolla/Sailfish OS, the only independent OS alternative for Android and iOS today.

Mikko Pyykkö

VP, Sales (operators & OEMs)

Sales professional with vast experience in senior sales environments within telecoms and high tech at companies such as Nokia.

Osmo Korri

VP, Sales (internet businesses)

Commercial scale-up leader and former Head of Sales, MEA at Opera Software and several other fast-growing tech companies.